When you are at a loss for aims in life?

This is about times when everyone else is confused and unsure about you but you seem to be indifferent to their concerns or someone’s curiosity. Many people say where do you see after five years down the line? Oh does it really matter? I ask where do you see yourself after hundred or let’s say one thousand years? When circumstances go beyond your head, is it not fit fine to stop thinking altogether? How much control can someone have over one’s life? Can someone in this world stop the revolutions of the Earth or can someone prevent the cycle of day and night? Can someone dry up the ocean or can someone fly in the sky (without machines)? Too much thinking about what you can’t give rise to frustration and negativity in life. On the other side too much thinking about what you can give rise to hypocrisy in life. When the tide is high, it is pragmatism to sit on the shore and wait for the sea to become quite. I read a story some years back. There was a king going for the battle. His dream was to expand his realm and win new and new territories. One day he found a saint on his way to the battle field who tried to stop him. The saint asked him where are you going and why are you doing all this? The king said I am going to win this kingdom. The saint said after winning this kingdom, what will you do? The king replied, I will go to win over more and more other kingdoms. The saint said suppose you win all those kingdoms, what will you do after that? The king said I will live with peace and satisfaction. The saint said that’s what you can do right now. The king said I know you are right but let me go for now.

Above is the case for most of the us. Who knows where you were before taking birth as a human or where you will go after spending few years as a human? We come to know about people dying and getting hurt everyday but do we really care for all of them? Then the role of attachment comes into picture. A person has most of the feelings of sorrow, happiness, jealousy, pleasure, pain etc. only for those with whom he/she is attached. Oh I forgot I am also that same kind of person who has all those feelings. Writing a blog can make me feel like I am the most impartial, honest and purest person in this world which definitely I am not (hypocrite at his best). Sometimes it is very good to let go of every nonsense or worry in life and enjoy what’s going on. Keeping short-term targets can also lead to realization of full potential in the long run. Where will that extra amount of seriousness or planning lead to is my concern or for that matter everyone’s concern.


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